Home Automation

Transform your home or workplace into a smart home with our user-friendly automation. Our experienced technicians can integrate all your electrical, multimedia and telecommunication technologies into a single user-friendly solution which can be controlled through your iPhone or Android phones.

We provide a hassle-free set-up of your automation needs and provide expert service and advice. We are a member of the KNX association and provide installation and maintenance services.

All our automation systems are custom designed for individual homes or offices. You can control your most used devices such as security systems, lighting, electronic devices, blinds, entertainment sets, temperature controls and much more within your home or office at complete ease. Our dedicated team of skilled electricians and technicians will help you design, install and walk you through your new automation system. KNX will bring the best of the best to your world.

Automation gives you the ability to control these appliances or systems away from your property. With its wireless function, our system can be directly linked to your smart phones which allow you to control its functionality with just a single tap, play different music in the kitchen, water the lawns, easy climate control or simply just turn off the lights.

Have peace of mind even when you’re away from your property. Its remote feature helps you check your home status from anywhere in the world, which can help you to find out if there are any home disturbances or just to simply double check your security systems to make sure that everything is ok.

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